Our Mission

Our mission is to foster self-expression, self-efficacy, imagination and a sense of community for vulnerable communities.


We offer and facilitate both hands-on and Zoom mixed-media expressive, healing-centered arts workshops in Los Angeles and nationally for our most vulnerable communities who are experiencing homelessness, intimate partner violence, incarcerated and post carceral, foster youth and veterans.

Our art programs provide a space and a holistic approach to individual and collective trauma which includes culture, spirituality, civic action and community healing. In collaboration with other non-profit organizations and social service agencies, we are encouraging of a collective view of healing.


Art has the capability to approach trauma in ways that promote a holistic view of healing by collectively engaging beyond the trauma itself.

It can help redefine a positive sense of self, belonging and confidence.

It instills optimism, hopefulness and the ability to dream and reimagine future possibilities.

The potential for engaging communities in a collective experience that bridges difference and can build empathy.

Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see.
Edgar Degas