Working with our Partners

Communities Create works with partner leadership, staff, and case managers:

  • to promote workshops and track registration of participants
  • to purchase and distribute supplies
  • to complete client documentation and consent form
  • to track participation, survey and interview participants and staff and with consent
  • to document artworks for the Communities Create website and social media pages


LA Family Housing, a community-based nonprofit organization that builds and manages affordable housing for individuals and families experience homelessness. CC provided sixteen arts workshop program for one hundred participants (2017).

Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley, a non-profit serving youth empowerment and development. CC provided four ceramic and mosaic workshops for one hundred youth to create an assemble two mosaic benches on Victory Blvd. at the Westfield Village, Woodland Hills, CA (2016).

The Getty Villa, a major Los Angeles Museum. CC was commissioned to create a 9’ x 5’ mosaic and a series of six consecutive onsite workshops with 1,000 individuals and family participants (2014).

Comunidad Cesar Chavez, community-based emergency family shelter owned and operated by LA Family Housing. CC created a Family Mosaic Tile Mural Project with thirty monthly workshops for over 100 families (2007-2010).

Communities Create wishes to thank The Bella Arts Foundation for their generous support in helping us to meet our mission and goals to provide vulnerable communities with "Arts for Well-Being" Workshops.